Behind Scenes, My Daughter and I

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My daughter Yasmeen loves photographing just like her mommy. She enjoys photographing anytime she comes with me on a shoot or special events, or anytime we are just going for a stroll in the park.  Last week during this graduation photo shoot with a great fiend of mine (Joan), she shot some candid behind the scenes 'what's happening now' photography. She also incorporated conceptual techniques in few of her images that related to her narrative.


The images were obvious point and shoot (deadpan) with intention to relate the current story. However, three of her photographs incorporated rule of thirds, composition and proper depth of field (which she isn't quite 100% aware of yet). In recent years, I have been teaching her photography on and off (which is also what I do part time; I teach photography), and she has been able to grasp the technical concepts as well as some basic camera functions.



Children tend to grasp the things they learn like a sponge and they work on those assets. Photography is excellent for art therapy, a professional career and a hobby. Learning cameras basic functions to proper exposures, learning photography is useful in our everyday lives no matter what the occassion.

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